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5 of the Best Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Posted by admin on February 20, 2017

If you have a job interview coming up soon, chances are you’re beginning to rack up some nerves and worry about the types of questions the recruiter will ask you. It’s highly likely that the recruiter will ask you specific questions in regards to your potential employer, including products and profits. Though being polite, enthusiastic and friendly is key, a candidate who hasn’t taken the time to research basic facts is likely to be rejected.


We’ve put together the best five ways you can prepare for an upcoming interview.



Researching before an interview is the most vital way to ensure you are fully prepared. We’d advise your starting point is the company website, allowing you to see the products and services offered in their entirety. Not only this, but you’ll be able to get a feel for the companies style, as well as whether their tone is formal or relaxed.

Use search engines in order to find further information on the company. It could be that an interesting story regarding the work they have done has been posted online, which you could then mention during your interview.

Top Tip: Try doing a search of your own name. Your potential employer could be doing this, and it’s nice to know what they’re seeing is all good things!

Job Description

It’s highly likely that when you applied for the job role there was a lengthy description attached. This description is a highly underutilised tool, and by using it, your interview could be a breeze. The person who took the time to put the job description together was fundamentally putting a list together of everything the ideal candidate would possess. This allows you to have an insight into what the recruiter wants to see in an employee.

Take some time to go through each specific responsibility on the job description and think about how you can relate these directly to yourself and previous experience.


Whilst it’s impossible to know the exact questions you’ll be asked, it is likely that recruiters will ask some common interview questions, and it’s important you don’t slip up on these. Often these questions are similar to “What are your strengths and weaknesses” or “Tell me about yourself”. By ensuring you have a thought out answer beforehand, you’ll be sailing through to the next stage.

When telling the interviewer about yourself, don’t try to squeeze in too much information as the recruiter is likely to get bored and zone out. By keeping your answer concise and allowing the interviewer the chance to ask questions, it will seem more like a nice conversation then a scary interview!

Be Organised

It’s vital that you don’t leave any important documents at home, especially if you only remember as you walk into the interview itself. If the interviewer has asked you to bring anything specific, try to get this sorted the night before to avoid any stress on the day of. Forgetting documents at the first stage of the interview process isn’t going to look great!

We’d advise that you bring extra copies of your CV along to the interview with you. You’ll be able to hand these to the recruiter if they need one, and they may wish to take some away to show other colleagues.


Whether or not you feel it inside, by going into an interview displaying a confident attitude, you are helping to upsell yourself to the recruiter and company. By getting to the point of waiting for the interview to begin, it shows that someone in the company thinks you are the right candidate for the position, and therefore you should believe in yourself too.

Nerves are a good thing; they show you care and can give you the extra boost you need to get through the interview. Confidence doesn’t come naturally to all, so if you don’t feel it, fake it.

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