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Body Language Blunders to avoid in Interviews

Posted by admin on March 20, 2017

If you have a job interview in the near future, it’s likely that you have researched the company and popular interview questions as well as rehearsed your answers. However, many people tend to forget that your body language can have more of an impact on your interview success than anything you actually say.

When we’re nervous, we can put up a defence in order to protect ourselves, which can in turn jeopardise the way our body language comes across. We’ve put together five of our top tips to help you ensure you come across confident and natural throughout your job interview.


Eye contact could be the difference between passing with flying colours and costing you the job. Those who don’t provide good, regular eye contact often come across as unconfident and nervous. If you’re in a one-to-one interview, ensure you keep good eye contact with the interviewer as they answer questions. If you’re participating in a group interview, maintain eye contact with whoever is asking the question. As other candidates are responding, look at them to keep engaged.


The way you sit in an interview is extremely important, as it could make your employer think you are too comfortable or even lazy. Employers want you to sit upright and keep eye contact throughout the majority of the interview. This gives off the impression that you are eager and excited about the potential opportunity ahead of you.

Whether you are seating or standing for an interview, it’s important to be natural and not to tense up. The candidates employers want to employ have the ability to engage on all levels, including body language.


Though it may be comfortable to cross your arms whilst sitting in an interview, it can often give the impression that you are bored and disconnected. Think about the way you are sitting and how this could potentially come across to the interviewer. Not all employers will assume the way you sit means you are bored or disengaged, but it’s important to think about the way you could be coming across.


Nervousness during interviews is completely normal, however this can sometimes result in an uncontrolled amount of fidgeting during the interview process. Those who move around more than usual during their interview can be distracting to both the employer and candidate.

If you are known to fidget, especially when nervous, you can help yourself by placing your feet flat on the floor with your hands placed onto your lap. Don’t let it overshadow your thoughts and question answers, but try to keep in mind that staying relaxed and still is the best way to sit.


It’s important to come across as a genuine and friendly person during an interview. Smiling is the perfect way to ensure you are seen this way, though fake smiling is less favourable. Combine eye contact and an honest smile to make a good impression to your employer.

Smiling can also reduce the stress you feel during the interview process as it can help to reduce stress-induced hormones within the body. This can result in you feeling more comfortable and at ease with your interviewer.

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